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Home of MeRT Treatment in Worthington, Ohio

Our brain works in different and amazing ways. Certain conditions and circumstances that damage the brain condition can affect our overall health. As we adapt to the advancements of neuroscience, we develop a different understanding of brain-health-related issues and discover new ways to determine and address them. Our brain treatment center in Worthington, Ohio collaborates with reputable professionals in providing accurate brain evaluation and safe treatments that will help individuals within the broad spectrum of disabilities improve their quality of life.

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The Path To A Brighter Future

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Make use of our high-quality treatment and services to enhance your or your loved one’s brain health.

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Record EEG

Let our professionals run a quick test of your brain wave frequencies.

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EEG Analysis & Review

We can get a better understanding of your brain health with your test results.

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We utilize safe and clinically proven treatments to enhance brain function.

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Progress Evaluation

Expect our experts to monitor your safety, comfort, and overall health in every treatment.

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We Focus on Your Brain Health

How We Help

Our services are designed to assist individuals with brain health problems, specifically those with disabilities, including:

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We aim to improve the brain connectivity of individuals with ASD.

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Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)

ADHD can benefit from our non-invasive and drug-free treatment.

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Recovering from the effects of a traumatic experience is now possible.

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Sports Recovery

Athletically inclined individuals can benefit from our treatments.

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Everyone has the chance to experience happiness with better brain health.

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Cognitive Optimization

Optimize cognitive performance with the help of MeRT.

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Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI)

An emerging treatment for traumatic brain injury is here.

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COVID-19 Recovery

Other than vaccination, protect yourself with MeRT.

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We Identify & Nurture Where the Brain Has Difficulty Communicating.

To ensure safe and efficient procedures, our professionals utilize a wide range of authentic and risk-free equipment. Every step of the treatment is designed to determine and develop where the brain has difficulty communicating.

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Experience a pain-free and non-invasive session with us.

FDA Cleared Equipment

All our equipment and apparatus are FDA approved.


Our treatments do not prescribe patients any kind of drug.


Look, It’s Personal.

When the brain has difficulty communicating, our functioning becomes limited. Strengthening and nurturing areas of the brain with weak connectivity is essential to improve our well-being.