We identify & nurture where the brain has difficulty communicating.
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Brain Treatment Center – Columbus is a neurological clinic focusing on evaluating and treating mental conditions that affect the functioning of an individual. Our goal is to analyze brain waves to locate the root of neurologic disorders and provide proper treatment by physical means. Every treatment is designed with your brain function improvement in mind. Our brain treatment center in Worthington, Ohio utilizes only the best possible technology to improve your brain health and overall quality of life.

Our technology is a platform to restore the mind.

By measuring and analyzing your brainwave activity, we can identify disruptions to your brain network and build treatment parameters specifically tailored to your needs. In most cases, we can visibly reshape brainwave activity, regardless of what may have disrupted it, to begin with.

The MRT platform is a patent-protected process that is currently undergoing rigorous research by the Department of Defense and several private institutions.

How It Started

Hello, my name is Leo Krupp. My family and I had tremendous success with my son Gregory, who is diagnosed with ASD. He received 6 weeks of MeRT treatment, which was life changing for him. During the treatment he became potty trained and learned how to swim, his eye contact and speech improved significantly. Gregory is getting his second treatment and progressing still.

These tremendous accomplishments made me decide to open a Brain Treatment Center to help my family and other families who have kids diagnosed with Autism.

I have decided to open a Brain Treatment Center – Columbus to help my family and other families who have kids on the spectrum.

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professional woman studied the EEG condition while professional man talking to the patient