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The MeRT process has four essential stages, each targeted to assess and treat brain communication and functionality. The process is customized according to one’s brain condition and is pain-free and drug-free. Brain Treatment Center – Columbus always has your comfort and safety in mind during your treatments. We ensure that all MeRT treatment parameters are approved by licensed medical professionals.

Record EEG

Our treatment starts with an accurate assessment of your condition through a 10-minute quantitative electroencephalogram (EEG), a graphic chart that traces the electric potential produced by the brain cells, and electrocardiogram (EKG) tests, a test that measures the heart rate. Both tests show your psychological state, level of consciousness, and brain-heart coherence.

EEG Analysis & Review

Our team of neuroscientists and technicians is adept at analyzing the results of the tests. With your neurophysiological data, our scientific and clinical teams can understand your brain state better, locate where your brain is having difficulty communicating, and develop an individualized treatment plan to strengthen brain function.


The MeRT treatment requires our trained technicians and technologists to operate specialized equipment that is intended to gently stimulate a targeted portion of the brain. During treatments, our technicians position a magnetic coil on your head, which will deliver your customized treatment protocol to a specific area in the brain. This stimulation is applied 6-8 seconds per minute and is estimated to last for 30 minutes. This procedure is guaranteed to be pain-free.

Progress Evaluation

After a week from the treatment, we are required to perform another set of q-EEG and EKG tests to monitor the progress of your neurological state and make necessary modifications to your treatment. The duration of the treatment varies depending on your brain condition.

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