Recover from the pandemic with ease

The pandemic has affected millions of people worldwide. While many are adapting well to the changes, the negative effects of this pandemic may be lasting for other people. Medical professionals have discovered that the lingering symptoms of the virus can be treated. COVID-19 patients who were hospitalized are highly likely to experience debilitating effects that can last for a very long time, including depression, brain fog, insomnia, memory problems, and PTSD. Recuperation may last longer for those who have immunocompromised diseases.

Luckily, Brain Treatment Center – Columbus offers MeRT (Magnetic e-Resonance Therapy) that treats the long-term effects of the virus. Inflammation of brain tissues can also be reduced through concentrated magnetic frequency. MeRT is found to alleviate some of the symptoms of the virus affecting brain function.

Our COVID-19 after-care treatment is available for COVID-19 patients who have recovered from the acute phase of the virus and have passed testing. The MeRT is not a proven cure for the virus but has the ability to treat its lingering effects.

professional woman studied the EEG condition while professional man talking to the patient