All will be well with the right treatment

When you hit your head and end up with a brain injury, the changes in your brainwaves may affect your daily living. To regain function and cope with the injury or disability, Brain Treatment Center – Columbus offers MeRT treatment for traumatic brain injury (TBI) and concussions. The treatment is considered an “off-label” treatment for TBI.

The treatment process starts with a comprehensive assessment of the individual’s brain function. The EEG will reflect the condition of the brain, markers will identify if the brain has suffered an injury, and determine the exact frequency of one’s brain. The MeRT is a cutting-edge treatment protocol that is tailored to stimulate the unique brain patterns of the individual. Combined with the right therapy, the MeRT process can be beneficial for individuals who have suffered head injuries.

professional woman studied the EEG condition while professional man talking to the patient