Your Path to Recovery From Depression Through MeRT

your-path-to-recovery-from-depression-through-mertDepression is a severe and potentially life-threatening condition, affecting approximately 17.3 million American adults in a given year. It can cause feelings of sadness, hopelessness, and despair that can lead to suicide. Fortunately, there are many different forms of treatment available today. Magnetic EEG-guided Resonance Therapy or MeRT offers hope for those who have tried traditional therapies and medication but still suffer from depressive symptoms.

MeRT is a magnetic resonance treatment that uses EEG-guided neurofeedback to treat neuropsychiatric diseases. A brain evaluation is done by placing electrodes on the scalp and measuring the electrical activity in different brain areas for 10 minutes. Neuroscientists use this data to provide personalized treatment plans for patients, allowing them to improve their mood, reduce anxiety and depression symptoms, and enhance cognitive abilities.

One of the most significant advantages of this therapy is that it is non-invasive and painless. You don’t need to take any medications or supplements before or after treatment. If you’re looking for a natural treatment, MeRT is an option.

At Brain Treatment Center – Columbus, we believe this therapy can help you reduce symptoms of depression, such as low moods, lack of energy, and poor sleep patterns—and help you feel more like yourself again.

We offer this treatment as one of our many options at our Brain Treatment Center in Worthington, Ohio. We provide cutting-edge care with the highest level of patient comfort and satisfaction.

Contact us today to help you get started with this new treatment option in our Brain Treatment Clinic in Ohio.

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professional woman studied the EEG condition while professional man talking to the patient